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Antique Dolls


The majority of what we work with are antique dolls. This is what has come to define the Indiana Doll Hospital. While it is nearly impossible to cover all of the different areas that we have refurbished, a few of the more common ones are listed:


Hard Plastic Dolls

  Replace and refurbish wigs

  Restringing - Hooks, String, etc.

  Resetting Stationary AND specializing in resetting "Sleep Eyes"

  Repainting metal/tin eyes, faces, etc.

  Replace select missing eyes and eyelashes

  Cloth Bodies - Cleaned and repaired; up to and including total replacement

  Leather Bodies - Repair work primarily

  Rebuild fingers, toes, and other missing parts

  Select replacement parts depending on availability


Composition- Straw BodyLone RangerComposition Puppet
Composition Doll LegEffie DollChina Doll- Shoulderplate
Ventriloquist CharlieComposition Flapper Bed DollIndiana Doll Hospital

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