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While the methods of doll repair have changed considerably over the years, we will always utilize the least invasive methods available. One of our key focus' is that all work which we perform is fully reversible and "semi-permanent." Repairs are made without permanently altering the original piece as it came from the original company. This means that any work we perform can be "removed" and the piece can be returned to the way it was originally brought in to our shop, yet will still remain durable and stable in the future. We strive to maintain the integrity of the piece as much as possible. We avoid grinding, sanding, drilling, "media blasting", and using glues or other adhesives which cannot be removed at a later date if necessary.


Your repaired piece will represent as close as possible, both visually and physically, it's original condition as it left the company. Repairs are not truly "invisible" and this service is not intended to remove or hide damage from any skilled observer. There is no method that is available that will truly eliminate or correct "all" damage to a piece.


We work on many different styles of dolls such as:


• Bisque

• Porcelain

• China

• Hard Plastic

• Modern

• Celluloid

• Wood

• Papier-mβchι'

• Metal

• Vinyl

• Some Wax


We can also rebuild missing parts as well: fingers, toes, eyelashes, wigs, and more. We do have on-hand a limited selection of replacement parts such as hands, arms, legs, and even heads. Each piece will need to be evaluated and the availability will depend upon the type, style, and company that the piece originated. We strongly encourage you to contact us about every piece, even if you are uncertain of its origin or reparability, and we can make a conscious effort together to decide what would be the best outcome for the piece.




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